Jun 272016

One of the things that investors would love to have is a system that will aid them in making their trade faster. In the world of binary options trading, traders have been utilizing auto trading systems because their rules on entry, exit and money management can be turned into a system, which will allow the computers to monitor and execute its trades. Auto trading systems are really attracting a lot of traders and one of its greatest features is how it takes out some of its emotion from trading since the trades are placed automatically once the criteria are met. Because of the demand of automated trading systems, a lot of new traders of binary options are on the lookout for systems that will make them earn more profit than normal.

This is where you have come to know more about Qbits Mega Profits system. However, what you will learn about the system is that it is known as a scam. Qbits Mega Profits scam has been in headlines for various trading robot’s reviews in order to alert traders to steer clear from it. What does this system have that has alerted expert traders to warn the new ones?

It is really different from the features of the basic auto trading system stated in Investopedia. The website qbitsmegaprofit.co introduces you a video featuring two people behind the development of the system. One is Jeremy Hart, the supposed CEO of the software and the other is named Anthony Bertolli, who both are members of the Rich Nerd Club. However, if you try to look for the club, no such club exist at all. You can even do your own research now about such club through one of the major search engines. The first red flag that you will notice is how the names Jeremy Hart and Anthony Bertolli are nowhere to be found. Although you will find these names almost anywhere, you can’t find such names linked to Qbits Mega Profit System. Second, its claims of its members have earned a specific number of profit $836,562.23 is already a scam. There is nothing wrong with the number – what’s wrong is how the number was made that way in the first place. There weren’t any details as to how much they placed on the trade to get such a number or how many members were active to get that number. Another is how the address is non-existent. The experts made a research on where the office is. But to make the search much simpler, you can’t even find a proper contact information in case there are issues with the system. If a developer is going to establish a system that will be used by hundreds of traders, they should have a solid customer service support that can be contacted 24/7. Apparently with this system, no such things exist.

It is best that traders focus on systems that are already established like the BinaryOptionsRobot.

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